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February, 07, 2009

We have the great honor to congratulate an active participant in the Sewers Project, and our dear friend Bernette Rudolph on the occasion of her 80th birthday. We ask everyone to join us in our heartiest wishes for Bernette's good health, great happiness and her success in art and business!

bernette rudolph

We would be glad to share with you some photos of our visit to Bernette last spring. New York, May 2008.

Bernette Rudolph's Woodcuts
Bernette Rudolph
Bernette Rudolph's Digital Geometrics

17.09 - 8.10. 2003

"Poziom Wlazu"
("Gates to underground")

Exhibition of "Sewers of the World, Unite!" in Graphics Days of International Print Triennial Krakow - 2003


May, 24 -11, 2001

The exhibit devoted to the celebration of the First Anniversary of the 
Manhole Project and its Thousands Manhole Cover was pased
May 24 - June11 at 6 PM, 2001 at the Moscow Fain Art Gallery.

Few photos of the opening day, the following days, photos of exposition and review of publications.

December 7 - 13.   5th Moscow International Exhibition Art-Manege 2000 

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

December 7-13 the fifth International Art Exhibit "Art-Manege 2000" was held
in the Central Exhibition Hall in the Moscow Manege.
The company ART INFO had prepared a special non commercial program of video
art and internet projects. These were continuously shown on two screens.
The Internet projects were presented in two ways: on a big screen and on
computers. Our special "Sewers of the World, Unite" was included here. Our
demo-version presented a 20 minute slide show consisting of the 200 best
images sent to us from our participants. Visitors and participants alike were
very interested in our project.
As of today 82 participants from 16 countries have submitted images to our
project. We have received 739 photos of manholes from 40 countries,
confirming the global and internet interest in this project.
We enclose a few photos from the show, photoreporting and a list of names of
the participants
and some statistics of the project.

Natalie Lamanova,
Alexander Kholopov,
Yury Plastinin


April 14.  The presentation of the "Sewers of the World, Unite!"
                in   " Manege Ārt Salon",
                Moscow, April 14 - 23.


April 1, 2001   The project was started.