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Manhole Covers Etc.

Manhole covers from USA and another countries
collected by Fran Gardino


This website shows some pictures of old manhole covers... The visible glossy access to the dark underground world of sewer.

Moscow Artistamp Collection

Moscow Artistamp Collection

Moscow International Collection of artistamps - unofficial stamps made by artists


150 Years of Russian Post Stamp. Animation

Web version of multimedia project
"150 Years of Russian Post Stamp".
Flash animation.
Author Natalie Lamanova


unique art of Kim Christiansen

more unique art of Kim Christiansen

Manhole jewelry and things

Bobbi Mastrangelo's personal art theme is of manhole covers, grates and water covers depicted in urban settings. Her "grateworks" have been executed in many creative media. The most popular art forms are her unique embossed prints on hand made paper and authentic appearing manhole covers in trompe l 'oeil wall relief works.



Jas Cyberspace Museum

the Art and
Interests of Contemporary North American Artist Jas W Felter with an
extensive library of Mail Art and related material, an International
Gallery of Artistamps, a Cafe, and much much more.