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Dear Friends!

We invite you to participate in a new Global Mail Art Project entitled Sewers of the World, Unite!

Purpose: To create a collection of photographic images of
manhole and other access covers   to water and gas pipes, electrical and telecommunication cables, etc.,
including gutters and grillwork (whether constructed of cast iron, welded or forged, or made from wood or stone) related to sewers of all kinds.

Plan:  To present a three-part  exhibition entitled "Sewers of the World, Unite!" in both actual and virtual reality.

Part 1. “Manhole Covers”
Part 2. "The Life of Manhole Covers"
Part 3. "Creative Manhole Covers"


a. Photographs of any sizes, slides or negatives.
b. Digital images (format JPEG) not more 400 õ 300 pix.
c. For part 3 free media and size
(except for
digital images as specified above).


For part "Manhole Covers", photographs must be taken from above, focusing on the center of the object.
For part "The Life of Manhole Covers", photographs may be taken from any angle.

In addition to name and address, please specify city and country of shooting,


Actual materials must be mailed to:

Natalie Lamanova
Perekopskaya st., 11 - 4 - 30
117209, Moscow, RUSSIA


Alexander Kholopov
pr.Vernadskogo, 33 - 58
119331, Moscow, RUSSIA

Digital images may be e-mailed to:
or mailed on CD to address above.

URGENT NOTICE to participating artists. When sending your creative artwork or CD, please put a low value (or zero) on it. The customs duty is so high and we cannot afford to pay for every parcel we receive. THANK You so much for your understanding.


All materials will be placed on the project's "Exhibition" web page upon receipt.
The conclusion of the project will be an actual exhibition of selected
materials in one of the Central Moscow galleries,
place and time  be announced on the project's web page: "News".


1. Artists List (names and addresses of artists) will be sent to all participants.
2. A Catalogue will be prepared. It will be published and distributed to participants
if adequate sponsorship is obtained.
3. Artistamp Series: selected photographs will be used
for the production of a series of Artistamps.
Artists whose photographs are selected for this series
will receive a copy of the artistamp sheet ( 2006).


No materials will be returned.

All materials will become part of The Moscow Collection of World Manhole Covers.

No  Deadline .

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