It gives me great pleasure to join with Natalia and Alexander in inviting you to to contribute to this multi-phase project entitled 'Sewers of the World, Unite!'
It was their fascination with sewer covers (or 'man hole' covers) which brought these two Russian artists to my attention in the first place, several years ago,  when one of their artistamps with a design of a Moscow man hole cover was published in a report to the Government
of Japan on the effect of the internet on the Japanese Postal System. Indeed, the sewers of the world should be united, as they have united all of us in today's civilized global society.  Please join with us in creating a world wide tribute to our sewers!

Jas W. Felter
Director of  "Jas Cyberspace Museum"


University Professor, R. Jeffrey Ringer, has risked his life to participate in a Russian art project while living in Akita Japan! Professor Ringer was taking photos of manhole covers when he inadvertently walked directly into the path of an oncoming truck! Luckily, he was standing on a side street and the truck was moving slowly so it saw him and had time to swerve to the right!!!!
Undaunted, Professor Ringer continued taking digital photographs so that he could send them to his fellow Russian Artists!!!!!

                                                       R. Jeffrey Ringer (aka Toto)

Visiting Professor
College of Education
Akita University


I am struck by the beauty of manhole covers.
Addicted to their cryptic charms,
I have brushed away sand and debris
To reveal stamped symbols.

I have kneeled at steel rims,
To record autumn images:
Waxed dark crayons, across white paper
Taped to cold, notched whelked lids

I have seen steam rising
From cold wintery grates
Glimpsed rusty iron peeping through
Snowy track and icy treds.

Summer's steaming Con Ed irons
Burned my hands: melted my crayons

Rubbing, photos, prints and sculptures
Honor these urban artifacts:
Preserving their beauty
Never outdated.

Bobbi Mastrangelo