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Bobbi Mastrangelo   I, II, III

747 Coronado Drive
Poinciana FL 34759 USA
1 (863) 427 - 0246

"It's a Grate Life!"
Art Happening. St.James, NY, USA. 
January 22, 1987

Bobbi Mastrangelo buried the base
of her sculpture in a construction site.

She stood in the 24" diameter 
opening holding the wooden grate
she herself had constructed.




Photo Credit: Doreen Ercolano Truesdell

Bobbi Mastrangelo's personal art theme is of manhole covers, grates and water covers depicted in urban settings. Her "grateworks" have been executed in many creative media. The most popular art forms are her unique embossed prints on hand made paper and authentic appearing manhole covers in trompe l 'oeil wall relief works.

Photo Credit: Pat Colombraro

Photo Credit: Pat Colombraro


"Three Sewer Hitter", 1995

34"h x 30"w x 4"d,
sculpture relief

Port Washington", 1987

60"h x 40"w x 3"d,
sculpture relief

Photo Credit: Pat Colombraro

Photo Credit: Pat Colombraro

"Metropolitan Cover", 1997

48"h x 35"w x 5"d,
sculpture relief


22"h x 30"w,
collograph Print