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Bobbi Mastrangelo   I, II, III

747 Coronado Drive
Poinciana FL 34759 USA
1 (863) 427 - 0246

Photo Credit: Pat Colombraro


"Grate Spring" Daffodils bloomed in Bobbi Mastrangelo's grate sculpture set in her garden.


Photo Credit: John Griffin

"Art Happening, Port Jefferson NY USA 1998." The sewer covers on Main Street were painted green. Directed by Bobbi Mastrangelo (holding the sponsor's sign).


Photo Credit: Fabienne Gardiner


"Art Happening 2000, USA. " Artist Bobbi Mastrangelo (right) directed the painting for blue water covers near the Port Jefferson, NY Library.


Photo Credit: Al Mastrangelo

"Bobbi Mastrangelo in Her Manhole Garden"